Bark All About It!

Mobile dog grooming makes it easy and convenient
to have your dog groomed!


We know it can be hard to schedule your dogs grooming appointment and make numerous trips to the pet salon.

No Cages

Your dog will never see the inside of a cage. He/she will receive one-on-one, completely specialized attention.

It’s Fast

We arrive on time for your dogs appointment so you can sit back and relax while we make your dog look and feel their very best.

Less Stress

We eliminate the stress and anxiety of a traditional noisy, chaotic grooming shop environment.

Groomers Know Your Pet

It is our mission to provide a caring, quality and professional grooming service to your dog and is convenient for you.

Privacy for your Pet

No other animals or people are allowed in our mobile grooming trucks during your dogs appointment.

Your Premier Mobile Dog Groomer